Used to admire her

I met her over two decades ago, was cold and helpless when i came across her. Our encounter is as old as my years in this world.
With high hopes we were seeing each other, i was crazily in love.
As each day passed by, i admired her the more.

I could recall my first day at school, i also won’t forget how glad i felt towards her, the thought of it glowed through my heart. I spent everyday loving her, she titillated me. Everything she threw at me, i acquiesced, and with my gullible mind i accepted all she desired of me.

I entered high school and she became tough, hardly could i apprehend, but she became cold towards me.
She had difficult and mean choices for me, which i couldn’t understand.
I sat, questioned myself and seek for understanding from her, but her ploy was too strong and decisive.
The farther i go, the more i realised she’s dead to me.

I left for university, but before then i could only see her sneers. I tried to move closer to her, she only hurried further, so we went on like a boomerang.
I could assume she’s a “gone girl”.

I used to admire her, but we became a facade. She’s gone out of my reach and now i’m out of control.
I wish she could be easy on me, but she won’t, maybe never.
She’s a “bad girl” this i’m sure.
What a chasm!

I used to admire her. Don’t get me wrong, she is “Life”.


Life and death (3)

Why do we live to die, when we don’t want to die?

The cycle of wants suddenly became needs, and we couldn’t have enough of it, cause we’re never prepared for what is even more inevitable, Death.

Death is a phase, cause it is something we will eventually pass through.
Something that is even more crazy about death is; It chooses whosoever it wishes to ride with, perhaps ride on.

Why though!

It’s not worthy of fear though, rather we should pay concern to the huge impact it has on us as humans. I didn’t mention animals only on the order that, well, we believe they count for 100 times as human.

My heart once skipped two beats twice, when i saw my loved ones fell to the cold embrace of unconsciousness. Since then they never looked back, captured body, soul and mind.

I wonder how i escaped apprehension from unconsciousness myself.
It was scary when i heard people go cold in body, nothing compared to when i saw them do.
It’s even speechless when they’re yours or dear to you.

True! So true!

Death is a defining moment in every man’s life. Even the wealthy and powerful regard it over any other thing.
Why won’t you reference death? When it shapes everything you do and give you a cogent drive at your goal in reference to time.
An insane person doesn’t have much to grind for, neither is a bedridden man. They’d prefer a better preposition, but life at times doesn’t want it that way.
If death comes to their aid, then it’s a win. If death let life do it’s thing, then it’s a lose.

Happy ending!?

Some part of Asia and Africa believe in reincarnation, maybe they pray for their insane or bedridden relative to die and come back healthier and younger. Who knows!

Something is clear; we all want nothing to do with death, yet it goads us. Life is not pointless, only when death is not yet ready.
Let’s treat everyday like it’s the same and every human like ourselves, still we should live everyday like our last. Then we would find death more friendly.

March 8th

An African woman, an epitome of nature.

Delicate features with rare beauty and might.

White is attractive, Black is perfect.

Nothing completes “white” more than black, but nothing pollutes “black”, not even black.

The darker the colour, the stronger the root, the darker the skin, the thicker the flesh.

The more the company, the bigger the union.

The greater the union, the higher the output.

The “black empires” are over, but wider.

The sacrifice were nothing but their mothers.

In depth, there’s always something thicker.

As you dip downward, you realise something deep.

Ain’t no humans thicker than the beings down south.

Nothing can condemn black, I repeat, maybe black.

African women, I’m noting, you’re peculiar and never forgotten.

From Amina to Baartman, you’re filled with wonders.

Your legacy is no way overshadowed

How possible is that when shadow itself is black?

Happy women’s day to every woman in my mind and sight.

I refer to every Colored and white woman too.

On bended knees

Dear Lord,

Slamming the devil to let him know… that with God I parle.

Bother on my mind, pleasure in my heart. It’s quite funny, cause I juggle both at the same time.

I feel alright that my head is upright,
my leg rather follow the same order.

On bended knees, I look to you, cause you’re all that I need.

Lord, know that I’m deeply grateful, cause your creation is wonderful.
Everything around me so beautiful.

Inspite your perfection, the world still looks like confusion.

I look deep in my heart, all I see is pretension, cause I try so hard but I lack genuine devotion.

I feel hurt so bad, cause I commit fornication and other things that only to you I mention.
Forgive my sins, ignore my abomination, I just need your love and complete protection.
Don’t deal with me according to my actions, I don’t want to live in total commotion.

Heard your judgement always stand, please give me a correction I can withstand.

I’m not strong enough to stand your punishment, with one plague I bet I would drown.

I don’t wish to suffer when I’m weak grown, that I will have to lose everything I thought I own.

I’m sincerely sorry for all the atrocities that I cause, after weighing my faults don’t respond to me with curse.

Cause I’m guilty as charged and not even one righteousness I can brag.

I just want to live long to turn all of my negativities to good, raise lots of broads and treat everyone as important as food.

And when the devil try to come between me and you.

I will savagely chock my mind so hard, cause I don’t care if It bleeds.

I opened my eyes and it’s quarter to my wake up time.

Damn! I must write with vision, cause I read my dream.


Love is very silly. What a confused person!

All my life, I had few times to roll with her

Maybe I had many, I just didn’t understand what she is like

I think I knew what she was though, an “insecure bitch”

Twice she rejected me, twice I backed down

I had no choice, I guess she’s too possessive

I just had to let go and take her for what she is

I preferred pleasure, cause I think she’s cool

Pleasure is valuable and always available

Always running into her, while I pictured love in my mind

Need to understand, love is answerable to only her heart

I had nice convos with pleasure, just that she is always quick to say bye

She is always getting something from people, expensive things most times

Love doesn’t know what she is missing, she should be there bitching

Pleasure is so spontaneous, she didn’t care if I was smoking or drinking

Often, she joined me and it felt okay too

No! that girl is amazing

Attractive and bullish as you like, I thought, “see what I’ve been missing”

Then I saw love staring at me from a mirror

Damn! graceful Lord, she is so captivating.

Pleasure has got nothing on her, her sight alone got me shaking

Spotless and virtuous, she is just too underrated

Who could be the lucky man, who is she seeing?

She is gazing straight at me.

Is it what I’m thinking?

If it is, then my luck is pretty


Walking down the street one night, I saw some “Gentle” thieves

Dressed in black, though they looked friendly

They approached, flexing what I call privilege

Never have I felt betrayed like that, thought they needed information

I would be foolish to let my guard down, cause I screamed

They were ready to shoot if I wouldn’t keep my voice down

My worst assault came as all I had was taken

Fraustrated, I didn’t know which way I should’ve taken

On my oppressed way home, I saw some men beating someone

It was so bad, he was on the ground barely breathing

A serious crime that should be severely dealt with

They caught sight of me before I escaped into a police station

Fate happened, cause my assaulters were at the counter waiting

Damn! The police is not your friend


We are so alive, don’t doubt the strength
People are talking? ha! ha! they dead
it’s all you would long for
just trust me now

World’s horror, yet life’s good
but they both one, nothing last for long
don’t be scared to act like you’re moral
I look calm, yet I don’t have any manners

Once you in, you not going out
until it’s right where you want it
Never fear to admit the feeling
does it feel queer or not?

Where else would you be?
some that matter to you are here
Which is your rank? real or dweeb
get a rank higher, so you live the life

You don’t know what’s in stock
Should probably tell you what’s in vogue
we don’t do things conventional
like gallery we do stuff in display

You have to be ready for this
just take it in and pass the lean
come alive, we don’t need mention
we down on blunt, we high on weed

We are right here, cool as you like
nothing draws our ire, like gentle Buddha
Open more, sip it in
roll that up, blow it on

we just young, we just dumb
we just young, our hearts don’t speak
we just young and high as peak
We still young, time should waste